Who I Am

I'm a web-developer who's had a love for technology ever since I first taught myself TI-Basic to get my calculator to do my math homework for me, and have been picking up new skills and tools for most of my life.

It's now years later, and I have a great passion for Ruby, Javascript, and HTML/CSS. I've been professionally freelancing and have built a number of dynamic front-end and full stack web applications. I love how much tech has shaped my life, and am happy to have turned a passion into a career

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An Evernote inspired note-taking web app I built using Rails & React/Flux framework.

  • Presents a responsive and fluid user interface, using AJAX requests with a full-stack single page application to return real-time content.
  • Fully integrates a React-Quill component for rich text editing optimized for Quill’s diffing algorithm to save over 300% on loading times.
  • Strengthens user experience with comprehensive and elegant SCSS styling using smooth transitions and hover effects.
View Live on github

Planet War

A RTS game I made with JavaScript, CSS, and React.

  • Maintains enjoyable user experience with intuitive UI, styled and animated with Javascript and CSS transitions.
  • Uses vector arithmetic and React’s efficient diffing to dynamically update the page according to the current game state.
  • Interacts with users via the actions of the enemy A.I. and situational modal prompts.
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My Skills

Ruby Javascript SQL React.js
Rails jQuery SCSS CSS3
Rspec HTML5 Flux Git

Work Experience

Freelance Rails & UI developer for SaaS products (Feb 2017 - Present Day)

  • Updated and modernized sitewide theme and user facing admin interface.
  • Refactored and added features to React.js based website building tool, making for a more complete user experience and for easier additional development.
  • Optimized the backend with eager loading to avoid multiple N+1 database queries.

And various miscellaneous ongoing work and projects...

  • A rudimentary Pascal interpreter being written in JavaScript.
  • A Ruby on Rails application for creating polls using alternative voting systems, such as runoff ballets.

Recent Projects

A collection of my best and most recent coding projects, including a brief summary of what each is.


An Evernote inspired note-taking web app I built using Rails & React/Flux framework.

View Live on github


Data structure analysis with an animated and interactive guide (jQuery, Anime.js, and CSS)

View Live on github


A recreation of the classic MineSweeper using React, JavaScript, and CSS.

view live on github